July 5, 2005

cosmolog : final entry

From the air, it's easy to see that something was once there, in the park, near the pond. A circle of grass, slightly elevated, a patch of dark soil in the middle, a tender scar. The grass will be cut, the soil will reseed itself but there will remain a delicate trace, if you look carefully enough.

Having dismantled "The Centre of the Universe", the concluding work from the residency, onearthasinheaven, takes the form of a book, on display in the Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham, and a website, part of the day to day data exhibition ( from July 20th 2005).

Finally, thanks to everyone who has helped make the last two years such a wonderful experience !

Bye bye !

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July 4, 2005

there was and then there wasn't

click on image to play

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July 3, 2005

last day on earth

Tomorrow is the 4th July. You know what that means.

1. Deep Impact : unbeknown to the innocent comet, Tempel 1, it is about to have a head on collision with a NASA impactor, parked in its path. Boom.

2. The Centre of the Universe is being dismantled. Crash.

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July 2, 2005

they came from the stars . . .

. . . well, from all points of the compass at any rate. Thanks to everyone who came to visit (except for the shit head who stole my amplifier and the twat who tore up one of the visitors books) . . .

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