Thanks . . .

Janna Levin and Pedro Ferreira. Janna introduced me to Pedro - without the two of them I'd never have had a residency in the first place.

Richard Wentworth for his support and enthusiasm from the start and throughout the last 2 years.

Sian Ede for all her help and generosity.

Thanks Rose Cupit (formerly at ACE) and Michelle Thomas (still at ACE).

The Astrophysics department for 2 years of hospitality :

Big Eyed Beans from Venus (Dan Hooper, Constantinos Skordis, Jo Dunkley, Lee Clewley, Ewan Mitchell), Ignacio de la Calle Perez, Debbie Baines, Neil Clifford, Andrew Jaffe, Reba Bandyopadhyay, Caroline van Breukelen, Chiarra, Joe Silk, Steve Rawlings,Kavian Moodley, Khalil Chamcham, Roger Davies, Tony Lynas-Grey, Garret Cotter, Jo Baker, Lance Miller, Mathieu Langer, Garret Cotter, Lance Miller, Gavin Dalton, Kaheh, Roberto Trotta, Jocelyn Bell Burnard, Steve Buller, Sue Blackshaw, Mike Jones, Ghassan Yassin, Alejo Martinez Sansigre, David Bonfield, Mathieu Langer, Celine Bohme, Karsten, Shazrene Mohamed, Christian Wolf, Jane and everyone in the canteen, Ufuk Yilmaz, Peter and John in Physics, Trevor Harris, Claire Hubbard, Fiona Bywater and everyone in the photo unit, Paul,Stuart and Ian.

Everyone at the Ruskin, in particular Richard Wentworth, Simon Lewis, Joby Williamson, Ollie Smith, Ed McHenry, Henry Garner, Paul Bonaventura, Matthew Luck Galpin, Anne Gregory, Wanda, Brian Catling and Sarah Simblet.

Thanks to Miranda Creswell for helping get the maps off the ground, to Joy at the Museum of Natural History and Chris Parkin at the Museum of History of Science.
Abigail Reynolds for her ways with words, Dawn Scarf for her wine glass symphony.

Everyone at MAO, especially Miria Swain, Andrew Nairne, Tom Legg, Suzanne Cotter, Kirsty Brackenridge and Sarah Mossop.

Artpoint for listening to my ideas and all their hard work in helping to see them through : Bridget Crump, Ruth Charity, Louise O'Reilly, Helen Whitehead, Laura Dennis and Tiffany Black.

Far flung friends, my doppleganger in Cambridge, Martha Fleming and Richard Saunders and Jon Zwart from the Cavendish Institute.

Thanks Ellie Harrison for forcing me to complete "onearthasinheaven", and helping to make it work along with Dorian McFarland and Jon Thomson.

Tim Wainwright for photo help.

Janine Charles and George at Ovada, thank you !

The legendary DM Bob for getting me back into writing and singing songs, thanks Bob !

Thanks to everyone involved in "The Centre of the Universe", not already mentioned. Neil Thomas for his structural engineering and generosity, Marc Thomas for his amazing super powers, building skills and positive energy, Dickie for his drawings, Ollie Smith and Ed McHenry for invaluable assistance.

Thanks to all the people coming to talk; Ansuman Biswas, Paul Shepheard, Nigel Thrift, Pedro Ferriera, Harry Witchel and Tadashi Tokieda.

In the park thank you Walter Sawyer for saying "yes" and making things work, Angela, Dave, John, Ian, Fred and everyone else for being so hospitable.

Thanks to Steve Wreyford and Harold for their beautiful shed !

Thanks to everyone in Belfast for "Landscope" : Daniel Jewesbury, Paul Moore, Nicki, Mick and Seamus, Paddy, Stephen and Collette. Thanks Dan Child (sorry the BBC let us all down) and Tom McCarthy for the literary tip offs.

Thanks Quintin for thinking about spaces and Finn for your contribution to my Finnegans Wake obsession.

Thanks to all the contributors to O - MAP including Zoe Benbow, Katy English, Anthony Graverson, Marcia Farquhar, Tim Wainwright, J. Mole,Mark Harris, Carmel Buckley, Nichola Bruce, Miranda Creswell, Tracy Drew, Frank McPherson, Don McPherson, Lucy Newman, Daniel Ranken - Korner, Khalil Chamcham, Mark Noll, Ansuman Biswas, Kitty Finer, Michael Hobbs, Andrew Kotting, Eden Kotting, Goshka Macuga, Abigail reynolds, James Fearnley, Martha Fearnley - von Zerneck, Dorian McFarland, Mark Midownick, Mahali O'Hare, Ignacio, Debbie Baines, Oona Grimes, Hayley Newman, Anne Bean, George, Paul Bonaventura, Phil Babbot, John Matthias and Lucy Kimbell.

For many a fine breakfast thank you Browns Cafe in the covered market.

And of course to Marcia , Ella and Kitty for your support, patience, bright ideas and enthusiasm.

Everyone else . . . if I've left you out it's because I have a sieve for a brain. Let me know and I'll put you in !