April 20, 2004

3 views from g39

3 films from the installation, "The Space Station" in g39, Cardiff.

If you go there they won't be the same, being that they're re created continuously.

near jupiter, radio source : Cassini, 2 MB, click on image to watch the movie

offworld excerpt, 2 MB, click on image to watch the movie

offworld full length, 13 MB is here . . .

More information about "The Space Station" can be found in the 31st March entry.

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April 13, 2004

A 15B SAG - A 17A CLE

Revue Des Constellations
Megalithic Lunar Observatories
Paths of the Planets
Motion of an Artificial Satellite about its Centre of Mass
Lunar Theory
Stellar Motions
Astrodynamics Vol II
NASA TN D - 5649
Stellar Paths
Gravitational N- Body Problem
Orbital Motions
Gaseous Nebulae
Dust in the Universe
Local Interstellar Medium
Extrasolar Planets
The Dusty Universe
Molecular Collisions in the Interstellar Medium
Dark Matter in the Universe
The Orion Complex
Dark Nebulae
Cosmic Dust
The Gum Nebula and Related Problems
Diffuse Matter in Space
Interstellar Grains
Quasars, Redshifts and Controversies
Optical Jets in Galaxies
Quasar Hosts

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April 1, 2004


Oh no ! The data has been held back, not released, postponed . . . expectation put on hold, suspense . . .

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big news from the galactic centre


. . . waiting . . . .

For long periods of time the floor where I work is quiet, the tap of keys, the hum of AC and gentle buzz of lights. People go about their business in a library like atmosphere.

Then occasionally there is a frenzy of activity, voices are raised, people congregate by the blackboard or round a computer screen. There's an air of excitment and tension, the expectation that something's about to happen.

Yesterday and today there's a big buzz as news is about to come in, gamma ray data that may or may not confirm the presence of dark matter in the galactic centre. Fingers crossed.

Hope it's nothing to do with . . . .


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