Big Eyed Beans from Venus

Q : What the hell are Big Eyed Beans from Venus !?

A : A band whose existence depends on 2 rules : all members have to be members of Oxford Astrophysics department and all songs connected to the subject via their title.



Nine tracks recorded by Big Eyed Beans from Venus :

rokit scyntist

sputniks and mutniks

martian band

shootin for the moon

cosmology, religion, kansas

rocket ship

little red saucer

creature from outer space

bug eyed alien sam


limited edition white label 7 inch record available soon from el rino


Dr. Lee "Mad Dog" Clewley : drums

Dr. Dan "Mirrorman" Hooper : bass

Dr. Captain Constantinos Skordis : guitar and vocals

Dr. Ewan Mitchell : guitar

(nearly Dr.) Jo Dunkley : beehive, cello, microwave background and theramin

Prof. Jem Finer : guitar, saxophone, vocals



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