Comments: "what's he building in there ? "

hello. has anyone emailed you yet? scrolling through i haven't found any comments so far. i will be excited if this is your first one. i am in london but am coming home to oxford tomorrow and will come to visit you. i am an artist. i believe i understand where you are coming from. i hid in a cube in the same parks last year. i have recently been concerned with cones too. have you read Thomas Bernhard's novel Correction? Does Yeat's A Vision concern you? who else have you been thinking about? Do you know Bruce Gilchrist?

I have a tower i am thinking about working from. My mother heard the talk by Ansuman Biswas. i was sad to have missed it. i think i want to be a hermit too. but people keep getting in the way.


Posted by lucy parker at June 27, 2005 4:51 PM