May 25, 2004

time lapse


In a finite universe, if you could see far enough you'd see yourself in the past. If the distance around the universe was, say, one light year, then you'd see yourself as you were a year ago. Then a year later, while you're still seeing yourself as you were a year previously, light from two years ago will arrive.

To be clear : at time zero you are looking forward. After one year you turn your head sideways. At this point the light will be arriving from time zero and from the corner of your eye you'll see the back of your head as it was a year ago, bad haircut and all. You have an instant trim. A year later you'll see the other side of your head (with the supercool hairdo you sprouted at that time) as that light will have completed it's one year journey. Also though, the light from time zero will be arriving again . . . . my question is how does the superimposition work . . . is it literal or more like a hall of mirrors effect ?

Posted by Jem Finer at May 25, 2004 4:04 PM