January 29, 2004

Proof !

I finally figured out a way to interperet the CMB data. I'd thought that it might be possible to relate the x axis, the l values, to frequency by regarding the arc of the circle defined by angular resolution (ie l) as wavelength. Well, half a wavelength actually, half a cycle of a sin wave. The problem was I wasn't sure if this actually had any sound mathematical basis.
Having looked over my notes about this yesterday I managed - with help from Constantinos Skordis and Dan Hooper - to construct a "proof".

What it "proves" is that frequency is proportional to l. To calculate the exact values would be bonkers, would result in such low values that scaling would be unavoidable to bring them into the audible range. So take l as frequency and then the data can be fed into an IFFT to produce a sound . . . or be used to model a resonant space. (eg use Klank in SuperCollider )

Posted by Jem Finer at January 29, 2004 12:04 AM