December 19, 2003

How to make a million . . .

In Clerkenwell yesterday I chanced upon a gallery whose name I shall not mention (save that it includes the word gallery and the word blue). Through the windows I spied beautiful images of galaxies and planets and intrigued went in to take a look. 22 high quality prints mounted on aluminium, being sold in editions of 12 for at least a grand. Work that out.

There was something very familiar about a lot of the images and reading the blurb next to each one it was obvious why - they nearly all came from the Hubble telescope.

Now this struck me as odd. I've visited the Hubble site and I know one can download the images in a variety of file sizes from a few k to massive 250 mb hi res. So how come someone is selling them ?

I asked the gallery man and he explained that they're public domain - so anyone can do it. He then added sheepishly, that it took a lot of skill - because there are so many and you need a good eye to pick out the beautiful ones.

What a load of toss ! What a way to make a quick buck.

Posted by Jem Finer at December 19, 2003 9:08 PM