December 14, 2003

10th December 2003

I'm not happy with the digital photos I've been taking in the offices. Fine for details but they fail to capture the complete picture. Today I've been using a quirky "Horizon" camera, one with a lens that sweeps a panoramic arc of arond 140 degrees or so. I revisited SR in his office and took a series there which capture the whole room - wall to window to wall. Then downstairs in the new office I took some more, some of Janna in her office and some of  her and CS. The offices here are open plan in that their walls are glass looking out into the rest of the space. Janna and CS are in adjacent rooms. From the outside one can see them working away, facing each other - but they can't see each other as the wall between them is solid and opaque.

The prints are too big to scan !

On the train I read about white holes, the opposite of black holes. That's a new one on me ! . . . and how you can  - theoretically - cut and paste a black hole and white hole together into two different spaces and creatre a time warp, a wormhole. In trying to understand this it all started to unravel into theories of different spacetimes, Schwarzschild geometry, light cones, relativity . . . I found some interesting websites : Orbits in strongly curved spacetime (spirograph esque particle orbiting black hole), Fantasy movies of trips to neutron stars and black holes and white holes and wormholes.

I compiled a cd of songs for the band to draw initial material from and tracked down LC who I'd heard was a drummer and spent a while talking to him about his work weighing our galaxy and long nights spent in observatories, and about music.

Now we have guitars, banjo, cello, vocals and drums and will start to rehearse in January.

I've been re reading Jannas book, "How the Universe Got It's Spots", in particular in relation to the CMB and the idea of the universe as a resonant space, as a drum. I talked to her to try and clarify my understanding and to see if my ideas of interpreting the data made sense. She reckoned that I'd just get white noise if  I took the full spectrum of data and that it would be better to concentrate on certain dominant frequencies - or to start the other way round - to work up from the idea of simple geometric spaces and explore their resonance.

Song List

Galaxy in Turia - Alice Coltrane | Blackhole - Beck | Girlfriend Stole my Alien - Jem Finer & The Big Shit Orchestra | Flying Saucers Rock n Roll - Billy Lee Riley & his Little Green Men | I'm the Urban Spaceman - Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band | Man from Mars - Butch Paulson | Mr Spaceman - The Byrds | Big Eyed Beans from Venus - Captain Beeheart | Shootin for the Moon - Carl & Norman | Bad Moon Rising - Credence Clearwater Revival | Space Oddity - David Bowie | Starman - David Bowie | Hallo Spaceboy - David Bowie | The Boppin Martian - Dick Robinson | Flying Saucer Boogie - Eddie Cleo & his Round Up Boys | Fly Me to the Moon - Frank Sinatra | First Man on Mars - Jackie Fantheree | Rocket Trip - Jackie Lowell | Rocket in my Pocket - Jimmy Lloyd | Rock on the Moon - Jimmy Stewart | Northern Star - Leona Naess | Satellite of Love - Lou Reed | Rock Old Sputnik - Nelson Young | Champagne Supernova - Oasis | Another Girl, Another Planet - The Only Ones | Satellite Fever, Asiatic Flu | Interstellar Overdrive - Pink Floyd | Cirrus Minor - Pink Floyd | Blue Moon of Kentucky - Elvis Presley | Planet Telex - Radiohead | Black Star - Radiohead | Sputnicks & Mutnicks - Ray Anderson & the Homefolks | Cygnus X-1 - Rush | Satellite Baby - Skip Stanley | Walking on the Sun - Smashmouth | Creature from Outer Space - Sonny Day | Orbit with Me - Sonny Sheather | Black Hole Sun - Soundgarden | Space is the Place - Sun Ra | Rocket Number 9 - Sun Ra | Rock on Mars - Terry Donovan | Telstar - The Tornadoes | Venus in Furs - The Velvet Underground | Island in the Sun - Weezer | Cygnus X-1 - Weezer | I'm Building a xxx on the Moon - Weldon Rogers | Trip to the Moon - Wesley Reynolds | Martian Band - The Wildtones

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